About the website

Have you noticed that if you read the Guardian book review pages that it is hard to work out if they actually like the book or not?  Why cant they be written like film review sites and give them some stars and make it easy?

Well welcome to my new website designed to give you reviews that actually say if the book is good or not and give you the chance to share your words of wisdom.


9 responses to “About the website

  1. Helen

    Good on ya, Kez! Great reviews.

  2. Thank you. Now Hel, just click on the stars underneath any of the books you have read so it will rank, them, sure you have read loads.

  3. Hi Kerry,
    So what do you like to review, and how do you pick?


  4. Hello Pete
    Basically I am an avid reader so anything I have read gets a review. I am always open to suggestions. I like my reviews to be as honest as possible and if people disagree they are welcome to comment.

  5. Alistair

    Nice little blog Kerry. Not really into books myself but might follow your reads. I have heard good reports on J.D Salinger´s short stories in “For Esme With Love & Squalor”. Has it crossed your beady eyes yet and if so what did you think?

  6. Hi Kerry, I dropped by here after you commented on my blog. Just wanted to share a thought on your query above about newspaper book reviews. As someone who occasionally reviews for the Guardian, I thought I might stick my oar in!

    I usually do give a clear idea of whether or not I liked a book, but to be honest, I often think there’s no need. The ideal book review, for me, would describe the book, its content and style, pros and cons, sufficiently to let the reader make up their own mind about whether they might like it, without necessarily weighing it down with the reviewer’s own opinion.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you make of James Lees-Milne’s diaries, when you’ve finished them!

    • Thanks for your comments John, I am going to make a special effort to look out for your reviews from now on. I am not completely sure if I totally agree with your comment that at times there is no need to give a clear idea if you enjoyed it or not because there is so many books out there about so many different topics that at times I just need a definite opinion to help me make up my mind. This is just my little amateur attempt to give opinions which people are free to ignore!

      I am loving James Lees-Milne’s diaries, a brilliant and witty chronicle of the period.

    • I read Lees-Milne’s diaries, they were fantastic! A really interesting and witty account of the period.

  7. As someone who has the guile to clearly say that Finding Nemo was typical banal Disney fare (while ducking blows from outraged parents of small children), I appreciate your frank appraisals of these tomes and wish to read more!

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