So many books, so little time – is it possible to read for pleasure as a new parent?

Alicante-82I remember as a child my mum falling asleep on the sofa whilst trying to read a book and wondering how anyone could not be subsumed in a novel or fail to finish it.  Anyone who has been following my blog may have noticed that I there was a huge empty gap from June to September, this has been due to the arrival of my brilliant baby daughter in June.  I was definitely not prepared for how much disruption a baby causes to your ability to think, let alone read.  Combined with studying for my Masters in History I had been wondering if reading for pleasure was a thing of the past.

During the holiday I started and failed to finish Ahdaf  Soueif’s The Book of Love and Isabel Allende’s Island beneath the Sea.  The problem was that when anything came up involving tragic storylines with babies I could not carry on reading.  The good news is that now that she is a bit older, life is becoming a bit more manageable. I have finally managed to actually read something that isn’t a crime novel and I have  finished  John Guy’s biography of Mary, Queen of Scots, My Heart is my Own.

Still, I am wondering how it is possible to combine all my different roles and  if anyone else in my position has found  a solution to this.  A friend mentioned how he knew someone who started blogging about children’s books, but I am not sure I am ready to go down that route, especially as there isn’t much to say about  VR’s books being as they are normally about eight pages long and consist of pictures of animals.  I can see that my blog is definitely going to become even more history orientated than it is already as I carry on my research for the Masters – if I can manage to stay awake long enough.



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8 responses to “So many books, so little time – is it possible to read for pleasure as a new parent?

  1. Welcome to the world of responsibilities. The best way to handle it is to go back to the Book of Ecclesiastes ch 3 and to remember that “to everything there is a season”. Hope you are all keeping well.

  2. Anonymous

    I feel your pain. Join a book club and force yourself to read the books is all I can suggest, although it’s so shaming to confess for the tenth time in a row that you didn’t manage to finish! X

    • Thanks anonymous. Yes that would be a good plan if I wasn’t actually avoiding ours as I know how rubbish I will be. Will be a change going from the person who got cross about people not reading the book to being the person who doesnt!

    • I agree with Anonymous. For parents who are keen readers, joining book clubs is a great way to stay inspired and focus. And find a community of people who have similar interest with you.

  3. Ann Wood

    I now read a few pages at atime when I know I’m unlikely to fall asleep.Nothing too challenging at the moment-I tend to look for something with short chapters! Readings a great hobby!

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  5. as i struggling with the same problem for over 14 months, i start to read a chapter from the book i read at that time to my bebé before bed. seems like she enjoys scifi. and on morrow i tell her what happened the night before while she was asleeping then continue with the book.
    i really am curious how she will react when she read the books years later. (mysterious deja vu’ she probably calls it, feels like read the book before 🙂

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