Jumping on the child abuse bandwagon? Minette Walters – Acid Row

acidOh my goodness, this book is depressing. Paedophiles, drug addicts, poverty on a rundown English housing estate.  When a young girl disappears a riot is  triggered on an estate where a known paedophile lives. Walters refers in the novel to the  News of the World’s 2000 Megan’s Law campaign during which they published  paedophiles’ addresses which led to vigilante attacks and even a pediatrician being attacked, so it seems as if she was  obviously jumping on a bandwagon of the time. I got a bit sucked into the story but the deaths were just so horrible that I wouldn’t read this again.

This book has been criticised as not really showing a realistic view of the working classes and it just reflecting clichés by a middle class writer.  There are admittedly quite a few stereotypes here – the unmarried mother, the black ex-criminal, the misunderstood child abuser, etc.  An interesting novel but I would recommend reading some of her other novels first.


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