Can you solve a crime from a hospital bed? Colin Dexter – The Wench is Dead

wenchNot a good book to introduce you to your Inspector Morse reading.  Inspector Morse solves a crime from 1859 without moving from his hospital bed, so it’s not dramatically exciting. Morse reads a pamphlet about the murder of  of Joanna Franks, whose body was found in the Oxford Canal,  whilst in hospital and  he decides to try to prove that the men executed for the crime were not guilty.

This book is full of ridiculous coincidences, for example,  what is the chance of Lewis finding the shoes of the murder victim or discovering a height chart written on the  wall where Franks  lived   over a hundred years before?

This is vaguely enjoyable but my advice would be to  stick to a novel  where Morse actually gets out of bed. Once again, inexplicably every nurse in the place wants to throw herself at Morse, maybe he didn’t look like John Thaw in the novels.


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