Colin Dexter – Death is now my neighbour

200px-Dexter_-_Death_is_Now_My_NeighbourAnother Morse finished in record time by the pool. This is the last Morse novel so I got worried about reading it in wrong order, but it wasn’t really a huge problem as there was no dramatic ending as is normally the case with Morse dropping dead or anything (sorry, hope I haven’t ruined this for you).  NB  Actually just had it pointed out this is the penultimate Morse novel, which would probably be a good reason for not killing him off as the last one would be pretty dull.

A young woman  is found shot dead  in her house, but was she the intended victim or was the bullet meant for her horrible journalist neighbour?   Morse discovers a  cryptic ‘seventeenth-century’  love poem and a photograph of the woman with a unknown man.  The crimes all seem to be linked to the competition to be the next Master of Lonsdale College. where the rivalry between Julian Storrs and Dr. Dennis Cornford  is hotting up.  As usual, everyone seems to be having sex with someone other than their partner, whilst Morse carries on his self-destructive drinking but still manages to keep  picking up women along the way.  We even find out his first name at the end of the novel, I suppose this would have had more impact on me if I had actually read them in the right order.  

This is like the other Morse novel I read, another good crime read, enhanced by its Oxford setting and clever quotes at the start of each chapter.



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2 responses to “Colin Dexter – Death is now my neighbour

  1. Michèle

    Hi Kerry,
    Just to let you know, Death is Now My Neighbour is the second to last Morse novel. The last one is The Remorseful Day. Like the others, it’s definitely worth reading.

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