Ann Cleeves – Red Bones

imagesThis is the third book in Cleeves’ Shetland quartet and in my opinion the weakest of the three I have read so far.  It deals with the shooting of Mima Wilson on the island of Whalsay during an archaeological dig, was her death an accident or murder?

This book once again has the interesting portrayals of life in Shetland but the mixture of fictional characters and the real life Shetland archaeologist Val Turner didn’t seem to work and struck a false chord.  The book was far too long and plodding.  You don’t even find out  if there has been a murder until two-thirds in and there is not a lot of tension.   The  dénouement is over in about five pages and unconvincing. This is a real shame as I loved her other novels in this series.  I just hope the final one is a return to previous form.

I havent seen the BBC programme Shetland, that was based on this story yet but the reviews I have read on it which were not that positive, I don’t know if anyone else saw it but would be interested to know what people made of it.  All I know is that I didn’t imagine Inspector Jimmy Perez to look like Douglas Henshaw.



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5 responses to “Ann Cleeves – Red Bones

  1. Carol Jepson

    I must say I was disappointed by the tv programme. I didn’t find the plot or the characters convincing and it depicted the Shetlands as a pretty grim place. I’ve always wanted to go there but this put me off a bit.

  2. Janet Blackwell

    Coincidentally I’ve just finished reading White Nights, enjoyed it very much and was looking forward to Red Bones on the basis of this and my liking for the character of Jimmy Perez so I hope I’m not disappointed. i must say the first 20 pages don’t draw me in as well.
    She also does the Vera Stanhope novels and Brenda Blethyn plays her on the telly but the series hasn’t really interested me apart from the location which is northern.

  3. Yes this novel is definitely much slower and far too long. I read that Vera novel recently and quite enjoyed that.

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