From Here to Maternity: One Mother of a Journey by Mel Giedroyc

from-here-to-maternity-one-mother-of-a-journeySince becoming pregnant I have become completely boring which is probably why I bought this book.  I was very excited about reading it because I love Mel and Sue on The Great British Bake Off, so I was looking forward to a “hilarious” read.  Unfortunately this book is just completely clichéd and so full of stereotypes that I couldn’t believe it was really a realistic autobiographical account of her experiences.

For example, is it really likely that someone would end up at Wormword Scrubs for their first scan because they have mistaken it for the hospital?  She has  the stereotypical posh (who dress their child up in designer clothes) and hippie (who eat the placenta) friends who are slagged off throughout, so either it’s made up or they are not her friends anymore after reading this.  It’s just not really very funny, although in its favour it is a very light and easy read and I like her self depreciating manner.  I wanted a bit more of a blend of good humour and some accounts of the typical experiences of pregnant women –  did this woman never have the normal fears that go with pregnancy?  The ending also seemed rather abrupt, like she had just got bored, a bit like me really.



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5 responses to “From Here to Maternity: One Mother of a Journey by Mel Giedroyc

  1. caroline ovel

    You’re pregnant! Fantastic news. X

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  2. Congratulations! If you are interested in a truly funny book for first time pregnant ladies, you should read Kaz Cooke’s “Up the Duff” It goes week by week combining info on each week with a fictional diary (based on the author’s own experiences) of a newly pregnant, high flying career type lady.

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