Another Shetland mystery – Death on a Longship

longshipA lot of Shetland crime reading for me this year, which is ironic considering its virtually crime free status, and the Shetland news story of last year seemed to be a plane being hired to bring over the Christmas food to Tescos due to bad weather.

Cass is the skipper of a Viking boat being used for a Hollywood film (another everyday occurrence in Shetland) when she discovers a body of one of the film crew. She then has to find the murderer to avoid her family being under suspicion.

Marsali Taylor has lived in Shetland for a long time so her knowledge of the islands really comes from and I am really interested in Shetland dialect glossary (why isn´t this at the front, rather than at the back so you only discover it once you have finished the book).  This is published by what I imagine is a very small publishing company  and it could do with some editing and there are some grammatical errors.   The lead up to the murder is just so long and I also felt there were a few clichés thrown in there.  Overall it was quite an entertaining read and if I had managed to produce this by joining  a local writers group I would be quite pleased with myself.


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