Read this, it’s great! When god was a rabbit – Sarah Winman

Ignore the bizarre title (it does make sense, eventually) and your fears that it might be trashy chick lit, this book is a fantastic read, especially if you are a thirty or forty something from England as it will inspire great nostalgia within you.

God  is actually the name of the heroine Elly’s rabbit, who only appears for part of the book which is a shame as he is my favourite character.   This a story of friendships and a relationship between a brother and sister that starts in the ’70s and moves to the present.   I was hooked straight away and it had me in tears.

I like the funny little episodes such as;

“Joe met me at JFK..and held a big sign that said ‘Sharon Stone’…he loved to watch their (passers-by) mute disappointment as I stood in front of him”

The twin towers passage seems unconvincing in terms of the realism of the rest of the story (ignoring of course the fact there is  a talking rabbit in the story) but apart from this little blip the book is fantastic and well worth reading.



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2 responses to “Read this, it’s great! When god was a rabbit – Sarah Winman

  1. Vicki

    I got most of the way through this,but for some reason never finished it, think I forgot to pack it when I went on holiday. Must find it again.
    I love books with bizarre titles, Paul Torday’s are smashing (and a good read). However I read A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian simply because of the title and really wish I hadn’t!

  2. It is fantastic, find it now. Have never heard of Paul Torday, what’s he like? A short history of tractors in Ukranian I thought was quite good but you are right it doesn’t live up to its title.

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