Maggie O´Farrell – The hand that first held mine.

Maggie O´Farrell is an interesting writer who I think is always good for a higher quality beach read. My Lover´s Lover had me weeping on a plane due to its amazing story but I have found that I have enjoyed her recent novels less and less.

The hand that held mine deals with the juxtaposed story of Lexie And Innes in the 1950s and 60s and Elina and Ted in the present day. Lexie has left her Devon home to experience the bright lights of London whereas Ted and Elina are struggling with their first baby after a traumatic birth.

Unfortunately the boredom of the day-to-day routine of  a new parent and having your life revolve around a baby is described all too realistically meaning that I was pretty bored myself (apologies to any exciting parents out there).  The 50s section also seemed to have no connection whatsoever to the present day sections, of course you realise they will be connected somehow but I started to get nervous that there would be no links whatsoever and that I was just reading two random stories.

I found all the characters pretty annoying until about half way through when I got more drawn in and traditionally as with O´Farrell´s novels I did cry at the end.  If you fancy reading any books by this author After You´d Gone or My Lover´s Lover are brilliant books and infinitely superior to this.


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