To Kindle or not to Kindle?

The book group to which I belong has gone into the 21st century with almost everyone in it now reading the books on Kindle.  I am one of the remaining traditionalists, this is not due to technophobia but my love of a real book.

My main problems with it are; 

No lovely front cover or synopsis.

Hard to find the part of the book you want to re-read

Reading by the pool or beach or in the bath are virtually impossible

No charity shopping for second hand books

Bit boring and ugly – why don´t they make them in nice colours?  Or maybe they do.

However there are some advantages

It meant I didn´t  have to buy the book for the book club – I just borrowed a kindle.

Cheaper to buy new books on kindle

More space in the house – I have boxes full of books that don´t fit on my shelves.

I would not have to use most of my baggage allowance on books when I was on holiday.

Overall, I remain to be convinced but if anyone wants to buy me one that would be nice.



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10 responses to “To Kindle or not to Kindle?

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  3. They don’t smell like new books… that said i like to buy my books from charity shops, and they HAVE to be hardback…
    I think the advantages of the kindle are obvious, but Kindles will never replace the traditional book, in much the same way that mp3s won’t replace vinyl. There’s a place for both

  4. Michèle Moolchan

    Kindle books, Kindle books
    Kindle all the waaaay
    Oh what fun
    I had reading
    On my Kindle today!

    Go for it, Kerry. It’s truly worth it.

  5. Hmmm, still am not convinced. They are not even in nice funky colours!

  6. Michèle Moolchan

    That ain’t a problem.There are so many funky Kindle covers, cases and skins to choose from! : )

  7. Sophie

    You can’t underline on a Kindle. Nuff said!

  8. Michèle Moolchan

    Yeah man, take the Kindle plunge. Store your multifarious books on a handy little Kindle, protect and decorate your Kindle with a funky little cover and take notes or underline with the useful little highlighter function.

    As they say in St. Lucia, “What more do you want? Chicken and rice? : )

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