Sebastian Faulks – A Week in December

Plot – lots of characters’  lives interweave during a week in December in London.  It is a  so-called state of the nation novel but I found it  a bit predictable.  It contains the typical characters found in the media today – the suicide bomber, the reality TV obsessed stoner, the tube driver who lives her life through an internet reality game, and the money obsessed hedge fund manager, who is truly despicable.  The problem is that there are just too many characters to really engage with them all, for example a celebrity footballer character makes a brief appearance but fails to do very much of any interest or plot development.

The characters mostly are out of touch with reality; there is a literally insane reality show which is particularly awful.  Overall I was rather disappointed, it is not one of Faulks’ best books and this novel seems to just attack all the obvious targets and says nothing that most people would disagree with so it seems a bit of a waste of time.


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  1. Giuliana

    ‘attack all the obvious targets’ you’ve said it perfectly there. That is exactly what is wrong with too many, just about all of these modern novels, book club fodder. When I see a book with pages of “Thank Yous” to everyone including the cat i know it’ll be a stinker. And when they mention the indispensible Editor you know it’ll need to have been edited within an inch of its tedious life. Dream on. And beware anything to do with ‘magic realism’ aka lazy sloppiness or Autism. Last one I struggled through I thought the author would have been better occupied spending more time being a parent than displaying its sensitivity trying to wrtie a detective story hinging on the sensitive perceptions of an autistic child

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