David Nicholls – One Day – fairly good book being made into a rubbish film.

This novel is by the author of Starter for Ten, which I must say was transformed into one of the most boring films I have seen in a long time, fortunately this book is better.  The premise of the novel is really interesting; swotty Emma and  selfish but charming Dexter meet at university  in Edinburgh and the opening chapter describes the day after the night before.  They then decide to be friends.  It then goes on to describe their meetings on St Swithin’s Day  for the next 20 years and shows the changes in their relationship, with the various rites of passage, travel, drugs, becoming a teacher (well this was one of mine anyway), children, etc. You think you know where it is all going and that they will end up together but there is a bit of a twist at the end, which I was half expecting as we got the happy ending a few chapters before the end. 

It has amazing reviews all over it but I would particularly like to take issue with the one that says this should be made into the next feel good film of the year, well I am sorry but the death in road accident ending is not exactly my idea of feel good. Oh, hang on just done some research and they have made this into a film.  Here is the trailer, Emma is played by Anne Hathaway!!!!  This looks like it is another crap film of one of Nicholl’s books.  Is she trying to do an English accent?  I really can’t tell.

Anyway it is a great book for reading on the beach, you can easily finish it in a day, it’s funny, and if you like Nick Hornby especially High Fidelity you will like this.


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