Scarlett Thomas – The end of Mr Y – can you understand it?

Well, I am having a bit of trouble remembering this book as I read it on the way to the Seychelles and obviously had a bit of a holiday since then.   The best thing about this book are its nice black edged pages, making it very nice to have on your shelf, unfortunately not understanding it is a bit of a drawback. 

It starts off fairly normally with Ariel Manto (an anagram of ‘I am not real’, I read in Wikipedia, that passed me by),  an English PhD student getting hold of the book The End of Mr Y by Thomas Lumas, but she knows the book is meant to carry a curse, so the big question is ‘would you read it?’  Well of course she does as it wouldn’t be very interesting otherwise.  Anyway she reads the book and discovers how Lumas travels to the Troposphere, where you can enter other people’s’ consciousness after taking a potion,  then what follows is her trying to make this potion herself so she can travel there too.  

I read on other reviews ( that there is lots of quantum physics in it so maybe that’s why I didn’t get it.  Have also read about it being similar to the Matrix, I thought that too!  Hurrah!  But it gets amazing reviews from famous authors like Jonathan Coe, why is this? 

So to resume, first half good, then it just starts getting very confusing.  If you like science, maybe it will do it for you.



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