Charlotte Bronte – Jane Eyre

Lovely, broody Mr Rochester

Well this as you can see is one of my 15 books you must read before you die or something.  I have always loved this book,  however I do wonder if it has ruined my life  as it is one of the books that has contribued to my hopeless dream of meeting a man from a 19th century romance.   I think I have also always related to the idea of plain girl that no-one likes eventually being recognised to be great and hero falling in love with her,  not that that has happened very often either.

So theplot for you philistines who have not read it.    Jane Eyre is mistreated as a girl by her aunt and eventually sent to the most miserable, worst school in the world.  She then goes on to be a governess to Mr Rochester’s ward but there are some hidden mysteries in the house…….

So if you havent read this, do it now!!



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2 responses to “Charlotte Bronte – Jane Eyre

  1. Michèle Moolchan

    Are you going to see the new Jane Eyre film?

  2. I would like to see it but nowhere is showing it in Spain. Have you seen it? Can it match up to Orson Welles or the recent BBC drama which I loved.

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