Kate Mosse – Winter Ghosts

Well much as we might still find the fact that she  shares her name (almost) with a supermodel who probably can’t write, this is the latest in her by now slightly formulaic series of books about Southern France.  I liked Labyrinth and sepulchre in a kind of take a big book away on holiday and it has lots of history in it, however I feel that this is (as she admits in the not very exciting reading group notes) just some bits she had left over from researching the other books.  Despite this read it all in one day.

Plot – man disturbed by WWI (getting bit bored of this in every other book I read) visits France and unbelievably walks into a  fete and fails to notice that they are all ghosts from the medieval period.  Ends rather abruptly.

Slightly embarrassed that this is my first book on website actually – it’s easy reading!



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2 responses to “Kate Mosse – Winter Ghosts

  1. ‘it takes much of what appeals about her bestselling novels – and adds a heartbreaking story – what is really haunting about Mosse’s tale is the rawness of Freddie’s grief’

  2. “The Winter Ghosts, which began life as a novella for the Quick Reads campaign to encourage adult literacy, sees Mosse engaged in a more succinct mode of storytelling. This works particularly well in the opening chapters, when the taut narrative suggests unspecified depths. It’s only when Mosse’s interest in spirits, rather than spirituality, takes the upper hand that the link between the fallen of the Somme and long-ago heretics starts to feel a little far-fetched.” The Independent

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